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February 19, 2020
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

All New Content!

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Culture.  Everyone is working to create it, but many have a hard time defining it.  
During this powerful full day session, you will hear from four experts 
as we address the following elements of culture: 
Engagement, Trust, and Communication.  

The inaugural 2019 conference was SOLD OUT and created great value for attendees!  

See what participants in Inspiring a Winning Culture 1.0 had to say:

  • “Presenters are all highly skilled with deep experience in respective disciplines.”

  • “I liked the the learning opportunity it provided.   Discussion amongst my co-workers at the event was thought-provoking and inspired action.”

  • “It was very engaging!”

  • “Loved the handouts, energy, and attendee participation!”

Addison Conference Center
15650 Addison Rd, Addison TX  75001
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8:00    Registration / Light Breakfast
8:30    Introductions
8:45    "Engaging Hearts and Minds" - Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.
10:30  "Building Trust" - Yoram Solomon, Ph.D., MBA, LLB
12:00  Lunch
12:50  "Communicating to Win!" - David E. Reed
2:45    Breakout Sessions  (Choose one)
            a. "How to Ignite Passion on Your Team" - Julie Davis-Colan and Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.
            b.  "Taking Action to Build Trust" - Yoram Solomon, Ph.D., MBA, LLB
            c.  "Successful Communication Practices" - David E. Reed
3:55    Wrap Up
4:00    Session Concludes
Presentation Information
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Engaging Hearts and Minds (with Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.)

Did you know that 83% of U.S. gross domestic product comes from services or information which are created and delivered by people?The challenge for leaders is revealed in a Gallup poll showing that only 26% of U.S. employees are fully engaged at any time.  On the other end of the spectrum, 19% of employees are actively disengaged, meaning they intentionally act in ways that negatively impact their organizations. The annual cost nationwide to employ this actively disengaged group exceeds $450 billion.  

Your people – and the performance they deliver – are the defining competitive advantage for your organization. Leaders are the key to engaging employees’ minds and hearts so they deliver value. The Passionate Performance leadership model has been translated into nine languages, applied worldwide since 2004 and is featured in the best-selling book, Engaging the Hearts and Minds of All Your Employees (McGraw-Hill) 

This fast-paced, highly interactive session helps you engage teams and: Eliminate barriers to achievement.Define boundaries within which employees have the autonomy to perform.Apply the learning pyramid to improve your team’s mastery.

Breakout Session – How to Ignite Passion on Your Team (with Julie Davis-Colan and Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.)

Fully engage the hearts of your team by fulfilling the universal emotional needs for Purpose, Intimacy and Appreciation. We will share best practices (and let your share yours), discuss simple tools, then you will apply these tools so you are ready to ignite passionate performance with your team.

Building Trust (with Yoram Solomon, PhD, MBA, LLB)

High-Trust companies were found to deliver 286% higher returns to their shareholders in stock price and dividends. Employees in high-trust companies experience 74% less stress, 106% more energy, 29% more job satisfaction, 40% less burnout, 50-64% higher productivity, and 76% more engagement.

Trust is the foundation for the ability to exhibit the behaviors that allow leaders to give their employees autonomy and their employees to be accountable, try things, and even fail. Trust is the foundation for the ability to hold constructive disagreement instead of a destructive one.

In this session, the author of The Book of Trust and the book series Can I TRUST You? Habits that will make you trustworthy will show you:

  • The importance and consequences of trust

  • The 7 Laws of Trust

Breakout Session Taking Action to Build Trust (with Yoram Solomon, PhD, MBA, LLB)

To complement the general session, this break-out session will show you a 7-step process to develop trustworthiness. Using worksheets, you will be able to examine your own trustworthiness, and through interactive and individual exercises, lean how to improve it for you, and for your team. 
Communicating to Win! (with David Reed)

Just as when asked what the three most important factors in real estate are, they respond with “Location, Location, Location,” the three most important aspects of a successful business are “Communication, Communication, Communication.”  When performing employee or customer surveys, the number one thing that respondents say needs to improve is communication.

“Effective communication leads to improvements in productivity of as much as 25 percent when employees feel engaged with their work and connected with their co-workers.”  (“How Communication Affects Productivity Statistics” by Scott Shpak)

In this interactive session, we will explore the following communication topics:

  • Defining Successful Communication

  • Spoken Communication

  • Listening Skills

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • Barriers to Communication

  • Improving Understanding

  • Building Relationships

  • Communicating a Difficult Message 

The goal is for each participant to leave with several practical tips to improve their communication effectiveness. 

Breakout Session – Communication Application (with David Reed)

Extending on the communication topic, we will practice the strategies learned with some real-world examples.  Participants will work through several exercises with others at their table to gain confidence in communicating in a way that results in a win for all involved.

Each attendee will receive an autographed copy of these three books written by the presenters.
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Event Presenters

(Click each picture to see their biography)
  • Lee Colan
  • Julie Davis-Colan
  • David Reed
  • Yoram Solomon
For more information, call 469-633-9833 or email [email protected]